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2016/01/16 - [AF] and the traveling recycled fence.
2015/07/08 - Those Duke boys are at it again.
2015/04/22 - I've been just as confused in the morning.
2015/04/22 - Have you ever been so angry you can't even words.
2015/04/22 - I hate it when meetings run long.
2015/04/22 - It must work using the same magic as magnets.
2015/04/22 - Another inspiring speech.
2015/04/22 - We have little motivational speeches before we fly, it really helps out moral.
2015/04/22 - Apparently I am behind on my work.
2015/04/17 - I can not beat this level because of the fucking instructor.
2015/04/16 - Friend said he won't drive me to pizza tonight unless I shoot up pizza joint.
2015/03/21 - That's gotta hurt.
2015/03/14 - Well that was disappointing.
2015/03/14 - HAPPY PI DAY!
2015/03/05 - Dino meatspin.
2015/02/07 - Niko is such a smooth liar.
2015/01/26 - Kate just drank me under the car.
2015/01/25 - These toys are pretty badass and awesome.
2015/01/24 - Pressing the wrong button to switch weapons turns out it might get you killed.
2015/01/24 - Is this what they mean by curb stomp?
2015/01/24 - I don't think the LCPD care about the citizens any more.
2015/01/24 - Not sure what happened here, but I like it.
2015/01/21 - Dirty does a bunny.
2015/01/18 - Best news oopsies of 2014.
2015/01/18 - waaiiiiit for iiiiit.
2015/01/18 - Just like when we used to try to throw a stick in our friends spokes.
2015/01/18 - Hero of the day!
2014/12/30 - Best beer commercial.
2014/12/30 - Captain efficiency over here.
2014/12/30 - So that's why they call it a crotch-rocket.
2014/12/30 - He Shoots! He Scores!!!
2014/12/20 - I like the saying at the bottom of this picture.
2014/12/15 - Man in the middle attack.
2014/12/15 - I guess it was angry sex.
2014/12/14 - I love when you haven't thought about it then someone announces dinner is ready.
2014/12/14 - This is partially why I hate the cloud.
2014/12/14 - To boldly go, where no frog has gone before.
2014/12/01 - You forgot to refresh, that is so gross.
2014/12/01 - Weird shit happens during Lobbies of Icarus.
2014/12/01 - It's ok, you can buff that out.
2014/12/01 - I hate this game.
2014/11/19 - I don't care 002.
2014/11/16 - Freedom of Speech.
2014/11/16 - Streaming video for tv or movies just makes me angry.
2014/11/15 - Video games these days.
2014/11/15 - Smooth moves
2014/11/13 - Better go live in a bubble, you've used up all your luck.
2014/11/13 - Pretty close call.
2014/11/11 - Badass on a motorcycle.
2014/11/08 - You were so close!
2014/11/08 - I wonder if I've ever been this bad...
2014/11/08 - It was a magical christmas. This video was the real gift that year.
2014/11/08 - Here is one lucky idiot.
2014/11/08 - So many parts I laughed at in this video but the ending takes the cake.
2014/11/08 - This guy has balls of steel.
2014/11/05 - Get your ergonomical garbage out of here.
2014/10/16 - These skills brought to you by Diamond Dave's Ninja School.
2014/10/16 - My internet friends and I are whiter than #FFFFFF
2014/10/14 - operators operating operationally in operations.
2014/10/14 - Still can't believe this was working so well.
2014/10/11 - And now for a brief look into my chat room!
2014/10/06 - I gave him the old over and in the butt.
2014/10/06 - I feel like I NEED to share this to prove my innocence :/
2014/10/06 - I don't care 001
2014/10/06 - New segment, it's still games, but it's shit that I don't care about, but my friends asked me to upload. Fucks given = 0
2014/09/30 - Today I learned why my grandma says to always keep a second tooth brush as I brushed my teeth with hand moisturiser :(
2014/09/30 - New color announcement, green are my personal experience announcements. We'll see if this sticks or not.
2014/09/29 - Today someone brought down the internal website of our 5000+ person organization by holding down the F5 key :/
2014/09/28 - Words might not be my strong point...
2014/09/28 - Bunny blows out a lung.
2014/09/28 - We rock so hard we call it before we do it :)
2014/09/23 - They are everywhere!
2014/09/21 - Wallpaper thread - Cars - rar link here
2014/09/18 - Well played Diver, well played.
2014/09/16 - This car just had a bad day.
2014/09/15 - I for one like butter chicken.
2014/09/15 - I'll tend to the babes last.
2014/09/11 - Fuckin hell right bud. Really though, this shit can save your life. I don't wear mine all the time and my excuses are so weak.
2014/09/11 - good pick bro, good pick.
2014/09/08 - Uhoh,we're going to have to restart.
2014/09/04 - I guess we know what Abe's costume is going to be.
2014/08/31 - Fucking Ninjas!
2014/08/24 - When we get bored in the lobby we play Race cars!
2014/08/23 - They should have called this game Glitchday 2.
2014/08/20 - I didn't realize Robin Williams was big into foreshadowing. (Yeah, I'm going to hell for that one...)
2014/08/20 - I am never ready when :P happens.
2014/08/20 - YARRR! I am boarding your vessel!
2014/08/19 - Out Cold!! The noise that makes too, wow!
2014/08/19 - The Struggle Bus' teammates always win!
2014/08/19 - People are learning to Fear The Struggle Bus!
2014/08/19 - I didn't realize emoticons had sounds.
2014/08/13 - Fuckin hell right we do bud.
2014/08/13 - 1 point Bunny.
2014/08/13 - FAH-Q, I was trying to make it for us.
2014/08/10 - The best offence is what?
2014/08/07 - The balls on these guys.
2014/08/06 - The case of dirty and the mysterious red circles.
2014/08/02 - I want a bigger cut.
2014/08/02 - Dirty Sanchez has a guilty pleasure.
2014/07/28 - This kid has got some balls.
2014/07/28 - There are good people left in the world, and this is how they are rewarded.
2014/07/27 - I get a kick out of it when bunny forgets his voice mod is on.
2014/07/27 - How did your daddy teach you?
2014/07/22 - Seriously? Afford an upload.
2014/07/20 - Those Vietnamese are weird.
2014/07/20 - Cool timing happened right here.
2014/07/19 - Oh look! A bag!
2014/07/19 - There is a suitcase here man!
2014/07/17 - DAYYYYYUMM!
2014/07/12 - Clan Wars: AF vs IS vs CASH
2014/07/12 - Clan Wars: AF vs The British
2014/07/12 - Mothafucka Please.
2014/07/08 - I'd have trouble passing control over to these cars.
2014/07/08 - So much SWAG it hurts.
2014/07/07 - Ladders, how do they work??
2014/07/07 - Bunny is like 6 times a day.
2014/07/07 - What are you, some kinda retard!?!?!?
2014/07/05 - Went to a BBQ at a friends place. So I hid Googly Eyes around his house.
2014/07/04 - Sorry Mom.
2014/07/04 - I bet you can't get a boner.
2014/07/04 - inb4
2014/07/03 - Bitches love the Seaman Demon.
2014/07/03 - Diver used to play from across the room, but now he plays from infront of his computer.
2014/07/03 - Bunny didn't know his microphone was set to space chipmunk mode :)
2014/07/03 - I may start to post neat things here again, but I'm at least going to be posting my video game clips here now.
2013/12/16 - This is a pretty awesome site for deleting your accounts from other websites.
2013/12/10 - lololololol, I think we know what this guy does a lot of in his room.
2013/12/10 - got all of that one
2013/12/10 - These always make me feel warm and fuzzy.
2013/12/10 - Skills to pay bills.
2013/12/09 - lol stupid.
2013/12/07 - How to look insanely busy in a coffee shop.
2013/12/06 - My buddy just said this. I'm sure it's old, but oh god did I larf.
2013/12/06 - I'm pretty sure I just pooped myself a little bit.
2013/12/06 - How to remove a fallen tree from power lines like a boss.
2013/12/06 - I just pooped a little while watching this.
2013/12/06 - The shit we capture now because of GoPro is absolutely amazing. Injured but survived: "Compression fracture of the T12 vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely sprained back, wrist and hand. multiple bruised areas."
2013/12/06 - This is spaaaaaaaace and this is spaaaaaaaaace in 360 degrees.
2013/12/06 - I kinda stalled out again. I'm going to try to do this once more. I made the interface a bit better for me to share, but I'll build a proper slq for this one day, I promise... just don't hold your breath for it.
2013/09/14 - Wallpaper thread - Game of Thrones - rar link here - Fear the Vagina Monster!
2013/06/19 - I might finally start wearing a tie to work.
2013/06/19 - This guy takes quite the risk!
2013/06/17 - Government Cutbacks...
2013/06/09 - OMG! I got this at a garage sale for just a few bucks. 3 pics, here, here, and here.
2013/05/31 - Hahahaha, We've all been there before.
2013/05/29 - Jimmy Fallon in, Game of Desks!
2013/05/28 - Damn, this girl is about half my age and 100 times better at guitar then I ever will be.... What's worse is she looks bored playing this.... :/
2013/05/28 - HA! Maybe I should do this at work some time....
2013/05/28 - I bought this new computer case the other day. Still waiting for it in the mail though. The thing is a beast!
2013/05/28 - This man is living the dream. I wonder what percentage of that bandwidth is porn...
2013/05/26 - I don't get why people think this is cool. It even looks stupid, let alone is not very functional.
2013/05/26 - This is a song that I am super addicted to right now.
2013/05/22 - Sorry for the lack of posts. Found a new game: Arma 3. This game looks really good and addictively fun. Check out this video. So that video is just from a community of players called Shack Tactical and the videos are done by the guy who put the Shacktac community together, Dslyecxi.
2013/05/12 - Wallpaper thread - non nude girls 2 - rar link here - More class and style for your home.
2013/05/12 - Wallpaper thread - non nude girls 1 - rar link here - Classy stuff right there.
2013/05/11 - This guy has balls!
2013/05/11 - Sorry I have not been updating in a while. I'm going to give this another go. So brace yourself for link spam.
2013/04/07 - God I love This Music Video! The song is great and the end of the video is total lulz.
2013/04/04 - I have this Friend who is all kinds of strange.
2013/04/03 - Fonts! - There are some sweet ass fonts in there from movies, tv shows, games, etc.
2013/03/30 - Wallpaper thread - Big Boobs - rar link here - Don't even ask why I have some of this stuff, ha. Some things just catch your eye and make you happy. I like to call those things boobs.
2013/03/27 - Wallpaper thread - Cute Girls - rar link here - Just some cute, classy, girls if that's what interests you.
2013/03/26 - Wallpaper thread - Military - rar link here - Tactical operators operating operationally in operations.
2013/03/25 - Tineye firefox addon - If you want to quickly know where more sites are that host an image, this is the firefox addon for you. Chrome and Safari users here.
2013/03/25 - Reddit sucks balls, but here was a decently written tutorial on how to multi-player game on the same computer system.
2013/03/25 - Oh I am for sure making myself one of these real soon.
2013/03/25 - Upside-Down-Ternet !!! This is hilarious to do when the target is in the same room as you. And HERE is the even more entertaining tutorial on different ways to fuck with people on your network.
2013/03/25 - Mario rap - a funny song about super mario with pretty good lyrics, right click and save if your browser gives you issues.
2013/03/24 - It's time to buckle down for some entertainment.
2013/03/24 - NSFW - Not Safe For Life really, just how dirty and nasty of a low can you possibly hit?
2013/03/24 - New Teksavvy Internet packages coming to the Ottawa area HERE. And dates for when they should be available HERE.
2013/03/24 - New T-shirt ordered - Licensed to shoot first. - Get yours HERE.
2013/03/24 - BOOM HEADSHOT! - NSFW - Those eyes, yikes.
2013/03/22 - CS:GO screenshot - Muffy being shot, thought this just looked pretty neat.
2013/03/20 - Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job? - This just made me giggle lots.
2013/03/14 - Science!! - Running Water Through a 24hz Sine Wave. Shit like this is awesome.
2013/03/14 - Wallpaper thread - Star Wars - rar link here - awesomeness.
2013/03/14 - Wallpaper thread - Borderlands 2 - rar link here - Only cause you said plox.
2013/03/14 - Wallpaper thread - Landscapes - rar link here - these were pretty.
2013/03/12 - Make youtube stop sucking - Linux - Windows 7 - Mac - Your ISP might slow down youtube. This helps stop that.
2013/03/11 - Wallpaper thread - Tanks - rar link here - this one is for dangerousdiver mostly.
2013/03/11 - Wallpaper thread - Olivia Wild - rar link here - fap time.

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