(5:31:16 PM) muffy: yo
(5:34:40 PM) bunny: yo
(5:38:35 PM) bunny: http://www.dump.com/basssolo/
(5:39:52 PM) bunny: http://www.dump.com/teleportingbike/
(5:50:21 PM) muffy: that bass makes me feel things
(5:50:29 PM) bunny: erect?
(5:50:35 PM) muffy: in the dick
(5:54:27 PM) bunny: don't you have when you go poop and when you're walking away you realize that the worst has yet to come
(5:54:33 PM) bunny: and its just the brown eye of the storm
(5:54:52 PM) muffy: that was deep
(5:55:21 PM) bunny: and you barely get back to the bowl before its torrential brownpour
(5:57:11 PM) bunny: POOP JOKES